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27 August 2009

How to Pack Breakable stuff - Packers and Movers

Breakables stuff: Breakables should be packed separately especial in domestic removals India. Place a layer of crumpled newspaper at the bottom of the box and line it with a small sheet of bubble wrap. It would provide a base of soft padding. Wrap each piece to be placed in the box in a sheet of old newspaper and cover it with bubble wrap. Plates can be packed in sets of five or six, with a layer of bubble wrap between each.

Glasses can be packed in partitioned boxes, the kind used in shipping bottles that can be had from a wine store. Otherwise as movers India use a simple medium sized cardboard box. Movers Packers tips glasses into one another. This is done by wrapping one glass with a sheet of newspaper, making sure that the inside is lined too, and placing a similarly wrapped glass into it. You could be situated four to five glasses together, depending on their size and weight. Then lay the whole stack on a sheet of newsprint, and carefully wrap it up, tucking in the ends of the paper. Then wrap the stack in bubble wrap and seal it with adhesive tape.

Goblets and other stemware can be wrapped in a similar manner, but cannot be nestled. They should be packed individually making sure that they are adequately protected, using a bubble wrap. Provide cushioning of crumpled newspapers between each layer of packed articles in the box. Also, make sure that each layer is packed with cushioning between the individual items, to eliminate shifting about and consequent damage on house removal. Pack glasses as the last layer at the top of the box, and place a layer of crumpled newspapers on top. When the box is full, make sure that it is not over packed, and then cover with sheets of newspaper and bubble wrap, closing the lid and sealing it properly with strong adhesive tape. Mark and label the box in thick bold letters with lettering such as: this side up, glassware, fragileā€¦ that helps Packers and Movers.

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